Our Projects. 

S.T.E.A.M. Expeditions teams are student-led and driven. Each year, students in grades 6-8are encouraged to apply to become part of the Project Reservoir Team. Upon acceptance, students create teams and focus on finding solutions for environmental problems. 


@PR_BatHaven is a team of 8th graders focusing on designing an urban bat house for an insectivorous species common to New Jersey little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) that can induce these insectivorous bats to migrate into areas where we need mosquito control and other pests control that bats consume. We will use our school’s drone to find suitable areas that are inaccessible on public land/parks in Jersey City to determine areas where it would be suitable to place our bat house (Bat Haven) and then placing it on a public google map, that we will create.  To learn more about project, please visit our site:




Twitter: @CO2eliminators

We are a group of seven, seventh grade girls at P.S. #28 in Jersey City.  We are trying to eliminate carbon in the atmosphere. We want  to build a box to sit under city benches.  The box will have plants which will absorb CO2. Since we live in Jersey city, winters are cold. We will use a heat lamp to keep the plant warms, 35 watt solar panels, LED lights to provide light to people sitting on the bench, fans to force the air through. 

See our progress at http://co2eliminators.wixsite.com/co2eliminators




We are a group of 6th graders who are taking old spare tires and putting them to use. Our goal is to find different ways to give old tires a new purpose Science




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