Project Reservoir Awards


Lexus Eco Challenge First Round Finalists

  1. Aquasquad

  2. Aeroponics28

  3. R.E.M. Team

2018 - 2019

Lexus Eco Challenge First Place Winner

  1. Snail Samurais

  2. Co2APT

  3. Solar Squad


Lexus Eco Challenge Grand Prize Middle School Winner

Plastic Elastic 3.0

Lexus Eco Challenge First Place Winner


Top 100 for @changemakers Challenge

 1. Stormies​

2. MTC Rain


Ecybermission Finalist -9th Grade



1. STEAM Team

2. Young Environmental Archaelogist

3. Plastic Elastic 3.0

4. 28 Stormies

5 Phrag Strikers

6. Team Tilapia



National Winner President's Environmental Youth Award

Lexus Eco Challenge 1st Place 

PS 28 D.R.O.N.E 

5/10/17 UPDATE - Received proclamations from Jersey City’s Council at City Hall


Ryan Nitschke

Samantha Cuevas

Daniel Rivera

Diana Carreon

Fritz Perera



Karen Ayoub

Karen Mateo

Layaly Saleh


Filter Frenzy

Rebekah Yorker

Virianna Arias

Alicia Nostrame

Project Reservoir P.S. 28 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award

Lexus Eco Challenge National Finalist

1. PS28Drone (scroll up for team names)

2. CO2 Eliminators


Yannet Acosta

Albania Cruz

Rachel Hennessey

Gabriella Martinez

Kelsey Rodriguez

Ariana Sanchez


Project Reservoir Lead Teachers:  Joel Naatus & Robert O’Donnell (2011-current)( Malissa Yabut 2013- current)

Lexus Eco Challenge Grand Prize Middle School Winner 2015-2016



Ecybermission Regional Finalist and 1st place in NJ


1. Plastic Elastic 2.0


Lexus Eco Challenge Eastern Regional Winners 2015-2016


1. Aquaponics


2. Anthosavers



Project Reservoir Lead Teachers:  Joel Naatus & Robert O’Donnell (2011-current)( Malissa Yabut 2013- current)


Random Acts Winner 2015

Phrag Attack


Lexus Eco Challenge Grand Prize Middle School Winner 2014-2015

S.T.A.X Super Tilapia Algae Xterminators


Lexus Eco Challenge Eastern Regional Winners 2014-2015


1. Algae Extinguishers


2. S.T.A.X Super Tilapia Algae Xterminators


The 2014-2015 Governor’s Educator of the Year Program - Malissa Yabut



Project Reservoir Lead Teachers:  Joel Naatus & Robert O’Donnell (2011-current)( Malissa Yabut 2013- current)


P.S. #28 AWARDS 2013-2014 Project Reservoir 3 National Finalist Teams-Siemens

 “We Can Change the World” 2014


1. Tunnel Savers


2. Plastic Elastics


3. Solar Aerators 


eCYBERMISSION Competition - 2nd in New Jersey Tunnel Savers  


eCYBERMISSION Competition - National Honorable Mention Plastic Elastics 

 National Finalist Lexus Eco-Challenge-Tunnel Savers 


Semi-Finalist Christopher Columbus Awards - Tunnel Savers 


Honorable Mention Toshiba “Exploravision” NSTA national STEM competition - Solar Aerators 


Garden State Green Award - Project Reservoir 


Robert O’Donnell “Milken Educator Award” 


TEDx Jersey City - Robert O’Donnell 


District Teacher of the Year “Jersey City” - Joel Naatus  _the_year.html 


Siemens STARS Fellow 2013 “Oakridge National Laboratory” Joel Naatus 


2013 Classroom Close-up Show #3 “Project Reservoir” 


2013 Teen Kids News “Eliminating Mosquitoes” 



Administration:  Dr. Janet Elder & Ms. Patricia Timmons

Project Reservoir Lead Teachers:  Joel Naatus & Robert O’Donnell (2011-current) Jennifer Mulewski (2011-2012)


Green Thumb Challenge-Grant Winner

Lexus Eco Challenge 2012-2013, National First Place Award

ExploraVision 2012-2013 National Competition, Honorable Mention Award

2012-2013 Siemens We Can Change the World, National 2nd Place Award

2012-2013 Ecybermission Competition, New Jersey State Champions and Regional Champs

2013 Classroom Close-up “Project Reservoir”

2013 Teen Kids News “Eliminating Mosquitoes”

Partnering Organizations/Institutions:

Reservoir Preservation Alliance

Jersey City Fire Department (Battalion Chief Michael Borrelli)

New Jersey Pain-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Group (Nicholas Rentas)

Alex Britez (   

Newark Museum

Charles E. Trefurt School (P.S. #8)

Concordia Learning Center

St. Joseph’s School for the Blind

Nicholas Copernicus School (P.S. #25)

St. Peter’s University

Academy 1 Middle School


Intern Members (2012-2013):    

Emily Ruiz

Antonio Hernandez

Jose Nieto

Rahul Gupta

Luisa Ospina

Meet Shah

Tiffany Veerden



Disney Planet Challenge 2011-2012, National Champions

EPA 2012 Environmental Quality Award

ABC 2012 Above and Beyond Award

2012 Earth Week Feature, Channel 9 News

2012 Green Education Foundation, Grant Recipient

2012 PSE&G Environmental Grant Recipient

2012 National Education Startup Challenge (Imagineer Corps)


Team Members (2011-2012):                                                                                   

Brianna Abreu                                                        

Carolina Bonetti                                                      

Edgard Bonilla                                                                                

Alexa Duke                                                                

Marlen Herrera                                                       

Frankie Hoffer                                                   

I’Yanna Howard                                                     

Sophia Lugo                                                       

Giancarlos Miranda

Victoria Moreno

Daniela Noguera

Aldair Nunez 

Nelly Pacheco

Kevin Lata

Cristy Rijo 

Ryan Roman

Lexus Salmon

Jennifer Segovia

Dennis Trotta 

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