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Our Projects. 

Steam Expeditions  would like to showcase what our 2020 - 2021 STEM based teams did this year with an environmental and community education focus.  Our teams were structured a bit differently this year. Due to the pandemic and remote learning status, we communicated with our teams as best as we can. We also met up when our parents allowed us, while following the social distancing guidelines and masking protocol.


R.E.M. Team

carbon exterminators (1).png

Carbon Ex

Copy of Invasive Insect Eradication Movement Team Slides .png

Invasive Insects
Eradication Movement


Underwater Robotics

Copy of R.A.I.N Team Slide Sample.png

R.A.I.N. Team


Team P.O.P.

techno cleaners.png

Techno Cleaners

AMEYA KHUBCHANDANI - Team Slide Sample.png

A.P. Counters

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